18 races in 2018!

Discounts for those from New Mexico, El Paso and Ciudad Juarez

Marathon, half, 50K, 10K, 5K every day
Fiesta Grande Day – Dec. 1, 2018: 100 miles, 100K, 50 Miles, 24 Hours

For every five races run with us you will get one FREE!

    Chili Pepper Series: March 13-16, 2019
    Day of the Dead Series: October 25-28, 2018
    Fiesta Series: November 29-December 2, 2018
    Holiday Series: December 26, 2018-January 6, 2019

Races may be deferred if you let us know in advance. No refunds or transfers to other runners.

For information on discounts and all else: Hanne@DeadRunning.net