Clint Burleson

Clint, the race director of DeadRunning, grew up in Duluth, MN. Grandma’s was his first marathon (also the 100th).
He now lives in NM with his wife Hanne, splitting time between Las Cruces, in the south (home of Bataan) and Ramah in the north. He has a fetish for trains with a caboose in the front yard and dozens of antique toy train sets for play.
Clint first did race directing for the White Sands-Alamogordo Marathon from 1991-1996 and founded Mainly Marathons in May 2012, which he ran until 2017 before passing the torch.

Maniac #1318 (Titanium in 2015)
Fanatic # 14456 (Sun in 2016)
Double Agent # 2374 (Everest in 2016)
Road to 50 Roadie #3
First marathon: 1982
Completed marathons: 255+, 50 states once in 2016
Halves: 55+

Race directed over 200 marathons

Hanne Burleson

I was born and raised in Germany and have been living in the Southwest for a few decades. In 1999, I decided to pursue a degree in computer science. I enrolled for classes for the fall semester of 1999. This is how I met Clint, the professor teaching those courses. After a long introduction, we got married in June 2005. During the first two years while Mainly Marathons was expanding, I used my vacation from my regular job at the German Air Force to accompany Clint on the road supporting the series. From Oct. 2013 – Dec 2014, I started working part time at my job and the rest of the time for Mainly Marathons, and in Dec 2014, I resigned from my job to work full time at Mainly Marathons, and now at DeadRunning. To this day, I have not regretted my decision, and I am very happy to support our runners and walkers alike.

Cookie joined our family in June 2009, when she was about one year old. She was a rescue puppy with many issues. She ran her First Half-Marathon during our first series, The Day of the Dead Series 2012, in Las Cruces, NM. Teddy was born Sep 11, 2012. We brought him home the day after we completed our first Day of the Dead Series. He enjoys accompanying us to all of the series. Though he is not much of a runner, he sure loves chasing a tennis ball.

Both of our Fur Babies enjoy traveling and visiting different places, but most of all they enjoy the company, love and attention from all the doggy friendly people they meet on the course.

Road to 50 Roadie #2
Completed 5Ks in 45 states

Now heads DeadRunning

George Rose

George is kind of the “Guy Friday” of the group. He’s been working with the Burlesons since 2013, and is always out on the course or working hard behind the scenes!

Marathon Maniac #9756 (reached Titanium in 2015)
Half Fanatic #15233 (reached Sun in 2016)
Double Agent #2559 (Aconcagua)
Road to 50 Roadie #1
First marathon: 2010
Completed marathons/ultras: 111, 50 states once in 2015
Completed half marathons: 36

Kate Rose

Kate is Dead Running’s website administrator. She mostly works behind the scenes, but can occasionally be found helping out at the races.

We look forward to seeing you on the course!